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Tuesday, 31 December 2019 17:14

December 31, 2019 - The Maine Solar House continues it's 'green work' overlooking the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge along the Maine Coast. After a quarter of a century, some maintenance is due.

pv2019decPV Output - The numbers are in and the total of 3,964 kWhrs is within the range of the previous two years. This confirms my suspicion that a panel or two were underperforming. Back in 2015, our output was 4,443 kWhrs. Solar Design Associations ran output tests on the full array and found two that needed replacement.

2019xtraI have an extra panel in the basement and SDA will search for another. To the best of my knowledge, this size panel is no longer available. Still, the array keeps on grinding out solar power that offsets our overall power bill. That's why we went solar and we're fully committed to keeping the array up to specifications. The bottom line:  We have a 10% drop in electrical output or, to put it another way, we have an array that delivers 90% of its advertised output :)

Solar Thermal Output - The panels on the roof continue to fill our two 500-gallon tanks in the basement with hot water for use in our radiant floor. A sweeter system hasn't been invented!

2019acAir Conditioning - We've soldiered through uncomfortable hot summers before, but last year and this were above average. We're Mainers, after all, and we're supposed to suffer! Well, we decided to end the suffering by installing a Mitsubishi Split System for air conditioning and supplemental heat (if needed). We're quite pleased and the impact on the electric bill is acceptable for the comfort it provides.

Our Home - I did a drone brief flight shortly after Christmas. The earlier snow had partially melted and the temperature was near 50. When we view our location from above and appreciate the sweetness of living with minimal impact on the earth, we're thankful for this gift of pleasant living in the Pine Tree State. Enjoy the flight.

A sharp eye may find me at the controls in this video.
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