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Monday, 01 January 2018 09:46

As I write this report, the outside temperature is near zero (We've had it as low as -16 during the last week of December). Inside, our interior temperature dropped all the way down to 68.5 degrees overnight - by mid-day, it rose to about 78 degrees as the passive solar gain raised the temperature to Florida levels! In addition, the frigid weather is usually clear which means that the solar thermal panels transfer the circulating water to our two 500-gallon tanks in the basement. It is then pumped out of those tanks into our radiant floor for heat. My advice to any and all folks planning to build a home is: Build a passive solar home at least. The extra cost will more than pay for itself. Living in a home that the sun keeps in the 70s on below-freezing days is priceless :)

pv2018janThe annual amount of electricity generated by our 4.2 kWhr roof array was 3,995 kWh. That's just shy of our 4,000 kWh goal (I could round it off, but heck, let's be honest). Higher than average rain and clouds plus a three-day area power outage appear to be the culprits.

It's always fun to fly our drone around the property. Here's a look at our home during the winter. What's not to like about winter in Maine?

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