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Saturday, 02 June 2018 14:26

July 1, 2018 - Ah, we are into summer weather after a cold, cloudy winter and chilly spring. It was feeling good until our early July heat wave.

pv2018JunePV Performance: Here's a look at our PV semi-annual array output. I'm always looking for at least 2,000 kWhrs of output during the first half of the year to keep us on track for a 4mWhr year. A little arithmetic gives me 1,994 kWhrs for this first half of 2018 (89092 - 86098) - close enough to our 2,000 kWhr goal. All I needed was a portion of one sunny day to put me over 2,000kWrs.

Aerial View: As an FAA-certified commercial drone pilot, I enjoy viewing our property from various angles and altitudes. This is a map of our 2.4 acres adjacent to the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge (I wish I had mapped this at high tide). I got a slice of my neighbor's property in the process. It was late winter and the snow was melting slowly.


Click on this link, then zoom in on the highlighted area to inspect the property. It was just a 5-minute drone flight to capture the stills. They were then sent to for stitching.

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