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Sunday, 01 January 2017 08:20

pv2017jan1Solar Panels: What a year this has been. The good news is that we generated 4,315 kWhrs of electricity from our roof array. That's one of the largest power outputs we've seen here. The downside to that abundance was that we were in drought conditions that didn't begin to dissipate until late fall rains. Still, as all solar operations, we take what we're given thankfully.

Gardening: We have been in the midst of a warm fall and early winter. Those conditions have kept the spinach in our cold frames alive and well. These pictures were taken on December 23rd and the plants were still happy. I checked them on January 2nd and they look the same!


Usually, they'll wave "goodbye" and shrivel up around mid to late November and return to growth in February when the sun provides at least 10 hours of light. Mother Nature continues to amaze even if it's the small spinach plants.

Winter: Part of our lifestyle is to enjoy the pleasures of winter. Do we love the cold? No, but our home is warm and snug and the view of the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge is always changing - the tidal river, the ice, the winter animals and above all the strong sun that heats up our solar water tanks and fills the house will passive solar heat (around 78 degrees on the coldest of days)!

There is beauty in the 'day after' as witnessed by our drone flight over Kennebunkport.

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