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Thursday, 02 April 2015 06:54

pvmarch15Now we're cooking! March PV electrical output was 477 kWhrs! That brings us to a year-to-date total of 1,076 kWhrs which puts us right on course for another 4,000+ kWhr year. The significance of these numbers is that in the 20 years of operation, our PV output has not diminished thanks to the industrial quality of the panels and the efficiency of the inverters. There's still a foot of snow in some parts of our land, but it is inexorably diminishing. Still a cold spring.

This month I'd like to celebrate the 100% solar achievement of the Wells Reserve at Lauholm in Wells, Maine. This federal estuary research lab has proudly installed PV panels on three of its buildings (along with a ground-mount array). Senator Angus King (I) of Maine threw the 'switch' at dedication ceremonies. The aerials, at the beginning and end, as well as the overall coverage were contributed by Maine HDTV (I'm a partner in their aerial photography division and a former Laudholm Trust board member).

The reserve had planned for years to make this leap - with federal money and donations from Laudholm Trust, the goal was reached on-budget and two years early. You can read about the facility, which will generate 73,000 kWhrs of 'free' electricity annually, on the reserve's website. "Where there's a will, there's a way!"

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